How we work

Bewley PR works at a senior level within your organisation to gain a clear understanding of where your organisation is currently positioned and where you want it to be. Specifically, this will include finding out about a whole range of factors.

We will then agree, together, what your PR strategy will be – whether for an ongoing PR programme or for a one-off project.


An outline PR proposal document will be produced and presented by Siobhan Bewley detailing the PR strategy and the tactics that will be employed to achieve it. The individual elements of the programme will be agreed with you and the budgets for implementing them.


Siobhan Bewley will be responsible for the implementation of your PR programme/project. This will involve telephone and e-mail contact, regular minuted meetings to mutually update on progress/new developments and a clear process for gaining approval for all work.


We will regularly measure the success of your PR programme through simple or complex evaluation approaches, depending on your requirements and budgets.

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